Social Media

3 Key Angles In Social Media

Brand Awareness

-Eyes on your brand are worth nothing in the abstract but making first contact can bring value down the road.
Your goal is to have your brand seen by the businesses/audience that will eventually be approaching for sales.
Social media users are far more likely to purchase if they have some pre-awareness.
When potential clients see your brand pop up on social media, even in passing, it will psychologically prepare them for the moment when you actually reach out to them.

Showcasing Your Expertise

-It is crucial in B2B social media marketing to build up trust in your burgeoning brand. People turn to sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook not just to interact with others but they turn to social media to learn from other users.
This means you can position your brand as a valued contributer of information, and in doing so bolster your visibility among potential clients.
By participating in relevant corners of social media, you will also get to communicate directly with potential clients without the attendant pressure of selling.

Making Contact For Sales

-B2B social media marketing is a great tool for raising your brand visibility, it is a great way to follow through and make genuine connections with potential buyers.
The informality of social media makes it a fertile ground for building a lasting, genuine relationship with potential clients.
The trick is to find where your potential clients are interacting (groups, twitter chats, etc.) and become a part of those forums.
When you finally do approach them with a sales pitch, your presence on social media will have given the potential account an idea of your brand and the service it provides.
That puts you at a huge advantage over a cold contact.

Our 4 Step Approach To Social Media

Define Your Target Market: Do Not Talk To Everyone

-Who you talk to determines the response that you get.
Social media marketing is all about relationships, which translates into engagement.
We can help you understand 5 different types of engagers.

Select Social Media Channels That Have A Culture Complementing Your Organisation

-Culture is a way of life, and when it comes to social media, every channel has its own established culture - and they expect users and advertisers to approach their platform in a similar manner. There is no single, universal "best social media channel", but there is the right one for your type of organisation. Just understand how each one works and you will be able to maximise your investment.

Create A User-Friendly Value Proposition

-A promise of value that makes you stand out from the competition.
For a value proposition that works, here is what we recommend:

  • Be relevant
  • Be visually appealing
  • Be clear and concise
  • Include a call to action

Develop Different Types Of Content, Then Track Performance

-We can advise on and develop the best content type/format for your chanel of choice.
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