About us

We are Durban-based media developers and owners driven by the passion for innovation and excellence. AD.IT Solutions was born out of that passion and the undying desire to make a positive contribution to South African communities through digital technology. Having grown up in Umlazi, we saw it fit to implement AD.IT Solution’s very first digital media solution; AD.IT Taxi TV in the public transport system of Umlazi. Currently, AD.IT Taxi TV reaches over 160 000 economically active commuters every month.

We are a team of creative individuals and our aspiration to make our mark in the OOH and DOOH media space drives us to think outside the box, colour outside the lines where fit and make your campaigns that much more impactful. Our vision is to contribute to socio-economic development through easy-to-access and easy-o-use technological solutions. We are currently on a mission to take empowering messages directly to everyday South Africans and to create lasting impressions.
Core Values:

  • Innovativeness
  • Creativity
  • Efficiency
  • Team work
  • Expressiveness
  • Building mutually beneficial and lasting relationships

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Some Facts


ad.it Taxi TV has a captive audience of over 160 000 economically active consumers

32 mins

Taxi passenger time with no tune-out factor

LSM 4-7

Our media primarily targets 80% of SA's economically active consumers (LSM 4-7)

+ 1000000

Reach over a million shoppers through mall media.